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About my EAs

Easy money without any efforts is what my Ea Trading Robots are all about. It is an automated Forex Strategy and programmed analytical system that allows you to sit back, relax and simply watch the FX Trading Robot will do all work for you. The robot’s advanced AI capabilities enable it to handle all aspects of the forex transactions in a highly efficient and responsive way. With all these great features, it permits you to take full control of your trading while focusing your energies on other important matters as well.

Easy to use

Just open 7 EURUSD charts and attach the EAs to the charts and the job is done.

For example in the first chart attach Jack F1, in the second chart attach Jack F2 and so on.

Verified Statistics

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Trading Conditions

Trading terminal: MetaTrader 5.
Accounts that support hedging.
Currency pair: EURUSD, EURCHF
Leverage: 1:200 or above
Minimum deposit: $ 100 for each EA.
Time Frame: M1

Please note

The EAs have a low trading activity therefore it may happen that they do not open any trades for a few days.
Despite this the EAs have an averanging monthly return of about 35%-40%.

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