How to install the EAs

Follow the steps below for installing the EAs correctly:
  1. Go to ‘Open Data Folder’ command in ‘File’ menu of the MT5 Terminal.
  2. Copy the Expert Advisors.
  3. Navigate to ‘MQL5’ > ‘Expert’ folder.
  4. Paste there the Expert Advisors.
  5. Copy the Price_Channel Indicator.
  6. Navigate to ‘MQL5’ > ‘Indicators folder.
  7. Paste there the Price_Channel Indicator.
  8. Restart the MT5 Terminal.

A brief introduction on the main features of my Eas

> The EAs are fully automated and work together or separately.
> Each EA has its own indicator-based strategy to open a trade.
The Indicators used are:
Identify Trend
Moving Averages
Parabolic Sar
Identify Momentum
William %
Identify Volatility
Bollinger Bands
Price Channel
Standard Deviation
True Range
> The EAs use the Martingale Grid System.
Further information about the risks of using the Martingale System can be found on the web.
Personally I don’t give any further information about the risks of using the Martingale!
>The most active EAs are Jack F1, F2 and F3 with a monthly return up to 45% while the others EAs have a monthly return of about 10/20% (based on historical data).
>The general rule for the default lot size settings for each EA ìs described below:
High Risk
0.01 Lot for each $ 100
Medium Risk
0.01 Lot for each $ 150
Low Risk
0.01 Lot for each $ 200
Please note that I don’t give any advice on the lot size settings. You must know how much you are willing to risk.