Automated Forex Trading

My Expert Advisors will be the only ones you want to use

Why use an Expert Advisor

Research indicates that traders are influenced by emotion and instinct, while the limits of the human brain and body mean people can only trade at a certain speed and frequency. Software eliminate these human failings by using a forex robot that carry out trades based on instructions tailored to a range of scenarios.

No Emotion

First rule in trading. Never let your emotions get in the way whilst trading. This is the no. 1 reason why traders lose money.

Trade 24/5

Also when you sleep. A forex robot finds trades for you day and night without any effort from your side. Save time and stress.

No Mistakes

Wrong lot size. Even the best manual traders make mistakes with sending orders. A robot prevents you from doing this.

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If you’ve been looking for a quick way to generate profits in the Forex market and lack the experience to do it on your own – then I want to tell you about my revolutionary Forex Robots built for investors like you.

You see, like many investors out there, you have a desire to put your money where it will work for you. And you’ve heard about the forex market and how some are making money from little effort.

You’ve possibly also heard about how huge this market is and that it has an average daily trade of $3 Trillion. In fact, this is the largest financial industry in the world and ONE of the fastest growing too.

So, you’ve heard about all these AMAZING figures and want to dip your finger in. Well you are in luck. My Forex robots are the toll that will help you exploit the forex market and make huge amount of money from it.

Screti Forex Robots are performed for the currency pairs EURUSD, from M1 to H1 timeframe.

Screti Forex Robots based on various indicators like moving average,CCI,RSI and Stoch.

Screti Forex Robot is 100% automated forex robot. The best part is that you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Screti Forex Robots identifies the perfect trend and analytic trades for you.

Screti Forex Robots are highly accurate, highly intelligent and highly lucrative robot with a monthly return up to 50%.

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